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How To Measure Curtains

How To Measure Curtains

Measuring for blinds and curtains is straightforward. Simply a few measurements are essential to get the proper fit to your window. All you will need is a measuring tape to do the occupation

Measure within the window jamb to the other using a tape measure from one side. This may be the width of the window blind. Your blind will be mounted within the window on the jamb. This permits more privacy than attaching the blind.
Will have to buy a 35 inch blind. in case the measurement is 35 3/4 inches you Blinds do not come in fractions.

This will probably be the length of your blind. Blinds will rest on the windowsill, and are usually longer than this measurement.
-- Place the hook of the measuring tape beyond the window casing to quantify from side to side. This will probably be the width of the curtain. In the event you would like a fuller appearance, double or triple this measurement when you purchase the drapes.

Measure from your top of the window casing to the base of the windowsill. This can be the drape height. In case you want drapes that go all of the method to the ground, measure in the top of the window casing to the ground.

-- You always have the option to shorten the blinds should you not enjoy the excess sitting on the window sill.
-- you'll be able to get custom made blinds made to the particular measurements, but they are not cheap.

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