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About Us

Epsilon Data Mining is a statistical data mining consultancy that provides statistical data mining and statistical data analysis services. It was founded in Johannesburg in 2008 by Martin Chanza, Justice Mokalane and Nazeem Shah. Their research interests includes Statistical  Data mining, Credit Risk Modelling and Model Validation, Marketing Research, Statistical Survey  Research,  Design of Experiments, Time series Analysis and Forecasting, Econometric Modeling, Multivariate Data Analysis, Financial Modelling, Regression Analysis, Statistical data analysis, Statistical Quality Control, Strategy formulation and Planning, and Project Management .

Vision statement

Epsilon Data Mining aspires to be one of the leaders in statistical data mining and statistical research.

Mission statement

Epsilon Data Mining exists to support clients as they look to retrieve valuable information from their data. Clients can better explore, understand, and represent their data and thus easily and quickly make more appropriate decisions for reducing costs and increasing returns.


Strong values and credibility are particularly important to Epsilon Data Mining, and so with the help of our team we have developed five shared Values. These values are central to our business culture and guide us in the way we interact with our clients. They are:

  • Integrity: We will be open, honest and reliable in everything we do, achieving and maintaining the highest levels of professional service to our stake holders.
  • Unity of Purpose: We will work together to achieve our vision and mission. We will share experiences, knowledge and ideas to foster greater communication, interaction and cohesiveness within the organization.  
  • Dignity and Respect: We will treat all our stake-holders, both internal and external with dignity and respect.
  • Innovation: We recognize the role innovation can play in achieving the organizations' vision and hence we foster a culture that encourages innovation , creativity and thinking outside the box.
  • Reliability: We promise to be reliable and exceed our clients expectations at all times in providing customer tailor- made solutions.